• 2015 Alaska's Construction Spending Forecast Presentation

      "MacKinnon, John; Guettabi, Mouhcine"; Construction Industry Progress Fund (CIPF); Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Alaska; Northrim Bank ("Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage", 2015)
      "Construction spending in Alaska in 2015 is expected to be strong in spite of the drop in the price of oil from more than $100 per barrel in the summer of 2014 to between $45 and $50 today. However, the longer the price stays low, the greater the risk that some projects will be cancelled or postponed. It is impossible to predict what will happen to the oil price, because world supply has outstripped demand. The price will stabilize, and perhaps begin to increase, only when the low price stimulates more demand and eliminates high cost production, a process that could take more than a year. Presented in Anchorage, AK on Jan 29, 2015, and in Fairbanks, AK on Jan 30, 2015."