• Green Bay Chronic Nuisance Notification Evaluation, 2006–2010

      Payne, Troy C.; Arneson, Michelle (University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center, 2012-09-04)
      Green Bay City Ordinance Chapter 28 allows the City of Green Bay, Wisconsin to recover the cost of providing police services for chronic nuisances. Enforcement of Chapter 28 began in October 2006 and continues as of this writing. This report examined calls for service at properties with chronic nuisance enforcement to determine if enforcement was associated with a reduction in calls for service. Enforcing the chronic nuisance ordinance is associated with reduced calls for service but is costly in terms of officer and analyst hours. The best use of the chronic nuisance ordinance may be as a credible threat to entice property owners to partner with the Green Bay Police Department on crime prevention and nuisance abatement efforts.