• Alaska Justice Forum ; Vol. 2, No. 10 (November 1978)

      Bruce, Kevin; Lederman, Sema; UAA Criminal Justice Center (Criminal Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1978-11)
      The November 1978 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum leads with a description of Project PROSECUTOR (PROSecutor's Enhanced Charging Using Tested Options and Research), a project of the Alaska Department of Law and the UAA Criminal Justice Center to improve prosecutor screening and legal advising to police and to establish a pretrial intervention program. Standing Together Against Rape (STAR), a 24-hour crisis intervention and advocacy service for victims of sexual assault, opened in Anchorage in May 1978. The state of Washington has adopted a sweeping new juvenile justice code, which went into effect July 1, 1978, replacing the original code adopted in 1913. Also included are digests of recent Alaska Supreme Court opinions and points brought up in criminal appeals cases, the winter 1978–1979 schedule of classes offered by the Justice B.A. program at UAA, announcement of an upcoming police education symposium, and a justice training calendar.
    • Evaluation of Pre-Trial Diversion Project, State of Alaska, Department of Law

      Ring, Peter Smith; Bruce, Kevin (Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1980-01)
      In February 1978 the Alaska Department of Law initiated a pilot pretrial intervention (PTI) project in Anchorage directed at first-time property offenders with no history of violence and no current drug or alcohol dependency. The project was aimed at reducing recidivism and costs to the criminal justice system, and included a built-in evaluation component. This report explores the PTI project's impact by (1) comparing PTI clients with other defendants; (2) investigating compliance of PTI clients with contracts to which they agree at time of program entry; (3) comparing costs of PTI compared with those generated in ordinary criminal cases; (4) evaluating the program's administration, identifying its deficiencies, and suggesting improvements; and (5) looking at recidivism rates of PTI clients.
    • The Public's Perspective— Justice Administration 1980: A Survey of Public Opinion

      Havelock, John E.; Ring, Peter Smith; Bruce, Kevin (Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1980-08)
      This public opinion survey was commissioned by the Alaska Criminal Justice Planning Agency, Governor's Commission on the Administration of Justice, to help people interested in justice administration in planning, predicting, and educating with respect to the future design and administration of the justice system in Alaska. The survey was conducted during November and December 1979 and included 676 respondents from throughout Alaska. The survey elicited public opinion in four major areas: (1) the climate of public safety, including perceptions of crime rates, public safety, gun ownership, victimization, and family violence; (2) images of the justice professional, including professional skills, professionalism, educational qualifications, discretionary judgments, and discriminatory practices; (3) changes in the law, including the role of public opinion in revision of law, strictness and leniency of laws, perceptions of revisions (including recent revisions in sentencing, the Alaska criminal code, alcohol regulations, and drug laws), perceptions of laws relating to alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs, criminality of gambling and sex offenses, and election of justice officials; and (4) public attitudes toward selected decisions regarding the administration of justice, including law enforcement and corrections priorities, justice services in rural Alaska, consolidation of public safety services, police use of firearms, sentencing, and public education in justice.