• Arctic Policy, Sustainability, and Governance

      Konkel, Steven (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2017-04)
      Changes in environmental conditions have accelerated coastal and riverine erosion, melting permafrost, black carbon deposition, and ocean acidification, changes in subsistence patterns, food insecurity, and severe winter storms in the Northwest Arctic Borough. At this event, Dr. Steve Konkel discusses progress and challenges in environmental stewardship and sustainable development through various Arctic governing bodies. Dr. Steve Konkel holds a bachelor's degree in architectural engineering from the University of Colorado, a master's degree in city planning from Harvard, and a PhD in environmental policy development from MIT. He is teaching PADM A671, Arctic Policy, Sustainability, and Governance this summer at UAA.
    • Are Healthy Sustainable Alaskan Communities Attainable? Change and Innovation in Northwest Alaska Communities

      Konkel, Steven (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2018-04-16)
      Environmental conditions have accelerated in northwest Alaska communities creating a host of problems, from coastal erosion to melting permafrost. Facing these challenges, Dr. Steve Konkel offers a refreshing analysis of how Arctic governing bodies in northwest Alaska communities can take hold of their future.