• Cryo-Recovery Business Plan

      Lopez, Jason (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2016-12-01)
      As Anchorage, Alaska continues to grow and sports athletes continue to flourish here in Alaska, a new body recovery system will be needed. A cryo-recovery or “cryosauna” machine is a new technology and an alternative to some forms of physical therapy. It helps the body heal from soreness and inflammation by cooling the body and increasing the blood flow by use of liquid nitrogen gas. A person is exposed for two to three minutes at a temperature of minus 240 degrees Fahrenheit causing the blood to flow from the extremities to the core. When the blood goes through the cardiovascular system, it is cleansed of toxins and supplied with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes. As the body stays exposed to the cold temperatures, the blood continues to cycle through the cardio vascular system and organs in a continuous loop. When the person exits the cryo-chamber, the oxygenated blood with nutrients and enzymes return to the extremities reducing pain and inflammation. The research project provided a construction of a business plan tailored for an up and coming “new to Alaska” small business. The conducted market analysis was to help target and attract customers and to visualize Anchorage’s competitive landscape. The designed business plan assembles the individual pieces and elements of a business plan to which it includes a business model, marketing plan, operations plan, location requirements and financial plan. This document will help the sponsors of the project make informed decisions on what to look for when starting a cryo-recovery business in Anchorage, Alaska. As of winter 2016, there are no companies in Alaska that have this kind of technology; the closest being in Washington State. This project will be a stepping-stone in bringing Alaska a technology that has existed in the 48 contiguous states and in other foreign countries for multiple years.