• Developing Core Competencies for Training of the Alaska College and Career Advising Corps

      Monrad, Greg B. (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2014-08)
      For business and organizations, employee training directly impacts the overall performance, competitiveness, and innovation which could lead to its ultimate success, or failure. In addition, training should directly relate to the values and goals of the organization. In the United States, over 200 billion dollars is spent on more than 20 billion hours of formal and informal training each year. Much is done without a framework to direct it to insure is addressing needs of employees and the organization. By designing training programs around specific core competencies, businesses and organizations can align training with the specific skills, knowledge and behaviors required to succeed in the job. Core competencies clarify specific requirements and expectations of the job while supporting the strategic direction of the organization. One method of determining the core competencies for a job is through a DACUM (Designing A CurriculUM) process. DACUM is not a difficult process to undertake and utilizes experts in the job in question to determine the knowledge, skills and abilities required to successfully perform the job.