• The Civil War: 150 Years Later

      Haycox, Stephen; Jacobs, Will; Gavorsky, Scott; Ha, Songho; Muller, James W.; James, Elizabeth (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2011-04-12)
      UAA History and Political Science Departments present: The Civil War, 150 Years Later. Scott Gavorsky: Basic overview of certain issues relating to the Civil War. Songho Ha: The institution of antebellum slavery. Stephen Haycox: American politics leading to the secession movement. James W. Muller: Lincoln and his role. William Jacobs: The military innovations/consequences of the war. Elizabeth James: Reconstruction and the lingering effects of the Civil War.
    • Post Election Update

      Muller, James W.; Nabors, Forrest (University of Alaska Anchorage. Bookstore, 2016-12-05)
      Dr. James Muller is Professor of Political Science at UAA. A renowned Churchill scholar, he has edited numerous books by or about Churchill including Great Contemporaries: Churchill Reflects on FDR, Hitler, Kipling, Chaplin, Balfour, and Other Giants of His Age. Dr. Forrest A. Nabors is Assistant Professor of Political Science at UAA. His book The Great Task of Reconstruction will be published in fall 2017.