• Keep it Local: Resources for Farmers' Market Vendors

      Wedin, Alisa (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2015-03-31)
      Farmers’ markets are growing in Anchorage, Alaska and across the nation. Many of these markets sell more than produce and include non-produce farm goods, baked goods, cooked foods, craft items, and other products. Farmers’ markets provide a low-cost and low-risk opportunity for people to start their businesses. One way to support these new businesses is to provide these microentrepreneurs with the information and skills they need to succeed. This project describes the process undertaken to develop the Keep it Local program, a series of resources designed to provide information and teach participants the skills necessary to be successful at a farmers’ market. I developed a website to provide information related to general business and specific topic related to different types of vendors including farmers, food vendors, and craft vendors. Several classes were offered, including Business Basics, Growing for Market, Booth Basics, and Tips and Tricks: Expert Advice. Participant feedback from the workshops was positive. I offer recommendations to improve upon and expand the current program to support farmers’ markets throughout the state.