• Feasibility of Thermosyphons to Impede the Progress of Coastal Permafrost Erosion Along the Norther Coastline of Alaska

      Zottola, Jason (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2016-05-01)
      This study seeks to investigate the feasibility of installing thermosyphons at Drew Point, Alaska to mitigate thermally-induced coastline erosion. Portions of the northern Alaska coastline have been receding at increasing rates and putting in peril infrastructure, environmental habitats, and small villages. Slowing or eliminating the erosion would prevent emotional village relocations and costly infrastructure maintenance and relocations. Climate and soil data from Drew Point and Barrow, Alaska are used as input variables in a numerical modeling software program to determine accurate soil thermal properties to be used in a thermosyphon design. Generalized cost considerations are presented and it is determined that thermosyphons may be an effective mitigation strategy to combat coastal erosion, however, future additional modeling could optimize a design and provide for refinements in the cost analysis.