• Project Management Estimating Tool

      Swanson, Brian Kent (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2017-05-01)
      This project developed a user-friendly spreadsheet cost estimating tool for Public Buildings Service (PBS) project manager use in small construction and leasing projects. It helps users provide their own conceptual and budgetary level estimates for over 50 common tenant improvement tasks in federally owned and leased buildings in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. The Project Management Estimating Tool (PMET) will enable project managers to provide many simple estimates in minutes that currently require multiple days using cost estimator resources. PBS leaders consistently receive complaints from customer agencies regarding the long time PBS takes to provide estimates, and often regarding estimate inaccuracy. The PMET addresses both timeliness and accuracy of small, recurring project estimates, freeing cost estimators to focus on timeliness and accuracy of more complex estimates. The PMET incorporates a statistical risk methodology to increase estimate accuracy. Each estimating item contains a dataset combination of commercial estimating guide values and actual bid values from recent federal contracts. Based on user-provided answers to seven risk factor questions, the tool tailors estimates to the risks. The improved accuracy of PBS estimates from this tool will also build the estimating skills and confidence of project managers, another PBS goal toward project management maturity.