• Alaska Greek Festival Event Management Plan

      Murrell, Allison (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2016-05-01)
      The annual Alaska Greek Festival in Anchorage, Alaska is an event managed by volunteers, a subcommittee and a chairperson. There are dozens of documents that relate to the operations of the event, and volunteers who know how things have happened in the past, but neither clear guidelines, nor standard practices. This lack of clarity leads to inefficiencies, conflicting ideas, confusion and waste. The festival’s history is 20 years old. The time is right for a positive shift to a more structured program. This shift will allow for policies and procedures to be codified, expectations to be made clear, the limited resources to be reviewed and efficiencies attained. The deliverable for this project would be the creation of a Greek Festival Best Practices Guide. This guide would include a volunteer/human resources management plan, quality assurance methods, as well as metrics gathering systems. The guide will also include tools that can help the festival subcommittee evaluate resource usage and find efficiencies in their current processes. This project’s deliverable would serve as a living document, for the community to reference and use to measure the success of meeting the festivals mission statement year after year.