• Anchorage Certification Center (AC2) feasibility study project

      Ming, Andrew R. (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2018-12-01)
      This project conducted a feasibility study in the City of Anchorage to determine the demand and need for an Information Technology (IT) boot-camp-style training and certification center. This business will be aimed at utilizing a small business concept to capitalize on the demands and needs of local businesses that employ IT-certified professionals. The feasibility study was conducted by analyzing past business data through the Alaska Small Business Development Center, along with conducting electronic surveys and subject-matter expert interviews, specifically targeting what employers are expecting from potential and current IT employees. Internet searches across different employment advertising agencies were also used in order to gather employment requirements of such professionals. Upon conclusion of the research, a detailed feasibility study was presented to the Project Sponsor which also included Return on Investment (ROI) estimates based upon approximate costs to start, establish and maintain such business. The Project Sponsor also received a simple business plan as a foundation to start the business. All deliverables were compiled using data collected during the research phase of the project and contained adequate information for an informed decision from the Project Sponsor on whether to pursue the investment opportunity.