• A Framework for a Multi-Year Development Program Targeting High Potential Individuals in the Alaska Oil and Gas Industry

      Loomis, Ryan (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2015-12-01)
      The Alaska Oil & Gas industry has a limited labor pool which creates a high demand for talented individuals. As a result competition is fierce among the companies in the Alaska's Oil and Gas industry. Furthermore, companies devote considerable resources to recruiting and training talent, only to see individuals leave for a competitor or Alaska altogether; individuals who exhibit potential for leadership are difficult to retain. Individuals with experience in all aspects of Arctic projects, from engineering through operations, are in high demand. Despite this, some of largest employers in Alaska do not have solidified long term programs for developing talent in these areas. There is a need for the contractor companies in Alaska's Oil & Gas industry to develop and implement a plan which would ultimately result in the retention of talented, skilled employees. This project produced a framework which can be utilized by companies to implement competitive multi-year development programs specific to the unique Alaska Oil & Gas contractor industry. The produced framework focused on job movement with aspects of mentorship and applicable higher education. Through use of the this framework, employees would become highly trained and dedicated to their Alaska Oil & Gas employer as they received high quality and diverse experiences while developing long term relationships with mentors dedicated to the success of the participant and Alaska's economy. The primary outcome of framework implementation would be increased retention of high potential individuals. The desired secondary outcomes would be a more knowledgeable workforce and increased cross business collaboration.
    • Using Project Management to Align External Stakeholders During Exploratory Well Permitting in State Leases on the North Slope

      Stribling, Owen (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2015-05-01)
      Natural resource extraction projects can have a polarizing effect on stakeholders. Oil and gas projects that take place on the North Slope of Alaska are no exception. Not taking the time to build long term relationships with important stakeholders, and collaborate with them, throughout the project can amplify this problem and create many more. This project was designed to research if, and if so how, alignment of external stakeholders is planned for. Past project plans were examined to extract lessons learned and best practices. A literature review was conducted to find other improvement ideas. Project management tools and techniques were gleaned and recommendations have been made on ways to align external stakeholders during the exploratory well permitting process.