• Memorandum on the Economic and Demographic Impacts of a Knik Arm Bridge

      Goldsmith, Scott (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska., 2005)
      The base case projection for the economy and population of the state is very similar to the base case projection prepared in 2004 for the Alaska Railbelt electric utilities and published in the document entitled Economic Projections for Alaska and the Southern Railbelt 2004-2030 (ISER, November 2004). A comparison of the major state economic and demographic variables for the two projections is presented in a later chapter of this memorandum. The major difference between the two projections at the state level results from differences in the scenario assumptions driving the projections, as well as some revisions and recalibrations of the model used in the projections. The scenario assumptions driving the base case, as well as the high and low case projections for this study, are presented in a later chapter....Major differences between the current base case and the 2004 base case result from inclusion of ANWR production and gas line construction in the current base case. Prepared for Northern Economics as input to Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority [KABATA] Environmental Impact Statement "