• Novel 1: Applying Project Management Processes to the Creative Tasks Associated With Writing a Book

      Everett, Adrienna (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2021-05-01)
      The project management body of knowledge is limited in its resources for the management of projects within creative industries such as fine arts, tv, media, performing arts, film and music. The outputs of this project will contribute to the project management body of knowledge by showcasing the challenges, learning opportunities and parallels between traditional project management and creative project management process. This paper will take a deep dive into the requirements that come with managing change in an environment that is more qualitative than quantitative and will highlight the importance of performing integration management to assimilate the many and varied details of a creative project within the bounds of developing a short story or novel. This paper will also seek to explore the dynamics of quality control on abstract tasks such as writing a chapter in a book and measuring the creative process. Utilizing the standard processes in the project lifecycle and applying them to a literary work environment will shed new light and add depth to the creative project management field. By writing the plan and working the plan, this project will document the unique aspects of creative project management by gauging stakeholder engagement, focusing on project integration, and navigating the ever-important principals of change management throughout the project lifecycle within a literary environment.