• Reign Consulting Business Plan

      Jessup, Colton T. (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2021-05-01)
      This project provides a business opportunity by creating a local business specializing in construction management consultation and land survey-related work. With heightened construction project demands, specifically in Northwest Alaska, contracts are beginning to be awarded to companies not local to Alaska. The region's opportunity for this type of company includes stakeholders but is not limited to mining, local government agencies, and local community organizations. This project creates a local business plan that will increase market share to locally owned and operated companies. The mining industry is vital for business feasibility as it starts. Following procedures detailed in this plan, the desire to start a company providing surveying, mapping services, and construction management is attainable. Relevant knowledge obtained as a land surveyor in training & Northwest Alaska Region shareholder offers a specialized skill set working in the region. This project applies project management principles to create a plan for developing a small consulting firm in Northwest Alaska and the present option for market and growth within Alaska's state