• Alaska Army National Guard Construction Planning Process Improvement

      Nielson, Jeremy (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2016-12-01)
      The Alaska Army National Guard (AKARNG) is a jointly funded agency run under a cooperative agreement between the federal and state governments. Recognized as a state agency, the AKARNG reports to the governor for domestic response and trains for federal missions. With this relationship, the AKARNG receives funds from the National Guard Bureau (NGB) and the Alaska State Legislature for the execution of construction projects. Under the cooperative agreement, the AKARNG follows state procedures and uses the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOT/PF) to manage projects. The AKARNG Construction and Facilities Maintenance Officer (CFMO) ensures federal oversight of all AKARNG facilities. This project looks at the relationship between the AKARNG CFMO and ADOT/PF as they collaborate and plan construction projects for the AKARNG. The primary deliverables for this project are a current state swim lane chart (SLC) with written description and an improved state SLC with a written description. The goal of this project is to offer the AKARNG a roadmap for process improvement. The current and improved SLCs were produced by conducting research and engaging with stakeholders through interviews and questionnaires. Stakeholders were engaged throughout and offered quality oversight of the deliverables. The improved state SLC incorporated regulatory compliance and previously omitted policy requirements. When necessary, the improved state SLC included the addition or subtraction of steps to add value to the process. This project delivered the AKARNG a scalable depiction of their construction planning process and recommendations for improvement.