• Construction productivity and cost reporting

      Champion, Robert Steven (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2018-12-01)
      This research report improves the likelihood of meeting construction project and business objectives by implementing self-perform labor productivity and cost reporting process. The overall approach includes a literature review of construction productivity reporting, evaluating existing reporting processes of an operating construction company, evaluating reporting process improvements on a model project, interviewing subject matter experts in cost control, and evaluating model project survey responses. The research approach involves evaluating a construction organization’s existing processes for estimating in standard units of measure, reviewing existing procedures for establishing cost control budgets, researching methods for developing a process for tracking installed material quantities, researching methods for preparing weekly productivity reports, and labor unit rate benchmarking. Additionally, this report includes examining methods for reducing operational rework for projects executed in the construction industry by implementing a proactive corrective action based on verified actual cost and productivity rates. The results of this research demonstrate that utilizing project management methodology as an approach to researching construction cost and productivity reports improves the success of implementing company standardized reporting processes and provides an opportunity to meet business objectives.