• Project Management Lesson Learned Web Application

      Jacobson, Joel (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2021-12-01)
      This project seeks to improve how project managers capture, access, utilize, and benefit from project lessons learned to reduce risks and accelerate higher quality project outcomes. Individuals and organizations might benefit from consolidating project lessons learned into an easily accessible format. However, few organizations researched for this project have implemented such tools. Research conducted included surveys and interviews of project personnel to understand content, structure, and access and usability needs. The project develops a structured web-based application that facilities capturing lessons learned information so that it can be easily accessed and used for current and future projects. The implementation of the web application ‘Project Management Lesson Learned Web Application’ (PMLLWA) was developed due to improve accessibility to lessons learned from previous and ongoing projects due to unformatted, inconsistent, and outdated templates. This application provides secure and central access from any browser and any device with access to the internet. It provides a flexible tool, capable of interacting with various sources to access project lessons learned. These tools will benefit on generating project lesson learned narrative, consistent insertion of lesson learned with brief explanation per section and will serve as an archive of uploading files related to the project lesson learned.