• An Assessment of the Needs of Alaska Residents Who Are Disabled

      Hanna, Virgene; Kruse, Jack (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska., 1991)
      Over 20,000 Alaska residents currently experience at least one form of disability. This estimate is based on a telephone survey of 4,364 households randomly selected to represent all households in the state of Alaska. Among the most frequently reported disabilities are non-neuromuscular mobility impairments, arthritis, hearing impairments, and learning disabilities. Other disabilities involving at least 2,000 Alaska residents include visual impairments, cardiovascular or pulmonary disorders, neuromuscular impairment, emotional disability, communicative disability and head injuries. The survey was designed to identify reasons why people cannot get the specific help they need. The remainder of this section on independent living service needs displays statewide estimates by type of service. The reader may find it helpful to refer to the questionnaire reproduced in Appendix B when reviewing the tabulations.