• Alaska's Gross State Product, 1963-1996: Main Report and Research Summary

      Goldsmith, Scott; Hull, Teresa (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska., 1997)
      The gross state product accounts are presented in 5 tables showing the value of production in current dollars by sector and payment type; the same breakout in 1996 dollars; gross product by industry in current dollars and at the 1987 US average price level respectively; and the implicit price deflators used to convert current to constant dollars. The gross state product accounts are based upon estimates derived from a variety of sources. They should be interpreted as indicative of the level and year to year change in value added by industry and sector rather than as precise amounts.
    • Economic Analysis of Future Offshore Oil & Gas Development: Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea, and North Aleutian Basin

      Goldsmith, Scott; Cuyno, Leah; Kovacs, Kent; Mundy, Nancy; Bunger, Anne; McCoy, Terri (Northern Economics (in association with ISER), 2009)
      This study describes and quantifies the potential economic benefits to the State of Alaska and local communities from developing oil and gas resources in Alaska’s Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) areas. The findings of this study are not predictions of the future for Alaska, but rather they describe a reasonable approach that one might expect for OCS development. The findings also provide a basis for thinking about potential actions that state and local governments, industry, and other stakeholders might undertake to deal most effectively with the effects that do occur. While there have been other studies in the past that looked at the potential effects of OCS development, this study is based on more recent information and represents the current state of knowledge in OCS resource estimates, exploration, development, and production activities; recent technology improvements; and state and local government fiscal systems. The economic benefits described here are based on assumptions about when and how OCS development, as well as other economic development in the state, might occur during the next 50 years. The magnitude of the economic effects of OCS development are contingent on assumptions about petroleum prices, volumes of OCS resources that might be economically recoverable, the levels of investment that the petroleum industry would be willing to spend to develop in the OCS areas, and the fiscal regime or tax structure that would be in effect as OCS oil and gas development occurs.