• Non-profit Fundraising Event Plan

      Forner, Carolyn S. (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2016-05-01)
      This project conducts applied research through a fundraising project for the Alaska Institute for Justice (AIJ). Founded in 2005, AIJ is a non-profit agency that provides legal services to immigrants and refugees. It represents people fleeing persecution in their home countries as well as domestic violence and human trafficking crime victims. It provides the only low-fee services of its kind in the state, helping community members who are often isolated, low-income, vulnerable to abuse, and with few other avenues to gain legal representation. AIJ also operates a statewide language interpreter center that provides immigrant and refugee expertise to numerous state and federal agencies dedicated to health care, social services, and law enforcement. The AIJ fundraising project will analyze the effectiveness of project management tools used during planning and execution of a new fundraiser event plan. The project will also apply literature reviews and interviews to assess AIJ’s and other mature Anchorage area non-profits’ familiarity with project management tools and to provide recommended project management tools to improve organizational efficiency. The project’s products include an event plan that consists of immigrant speaker performances and a silent auction. The deliverables are an event checklist and continuity documents to help AIJ repeat this fundraising event annually. In addition, the project will deliver publicity tasks designed to increase awareness of the AIJ mission, expand AIJ’s donor base, and increase its annual donor revenue.