• Alaska's Low-Income Weatherization Program: Three Papers

      Colt, Steve; Brooks, Linda; Holleman, Marybeth (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska., 1994)
      This report combines three papers prepared for the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (Rural Housing Division) between September 1993 and May 1994. "Measured Energy Savings from the Alaska Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program" (1993) utilized the PRISM software system to measure energy savings in two phases to first determine potential savings for study homes using piped natural gas, and then measure the effectiveness of behavioral changes of occupants and physical changes to the housing units. This report presents preliminary results of the first phase. "Measured Energy Savings from Weatherization: Alaska vs. National Results" (1994) reviews the differences in measured energy savings from 102 Alaska weatherized homes compared with savings from a "cold-climate" region of the United States. "Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of the Home Energy Rebate Program and the Low Income Weatherization Program" (1994) compares the economic costs and benefits of two programs designed to reduce Alaskans' home energy consumption. This analysis looks at the overall social costs and benefits of both programs.