• Episode 5: Take a hike

      Dannenberg, David; DeHass, David (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2015-11-17)
      Hello Nerds, Its time to get tear your eyes away from the screen and get outside. Nov 17 is National Take a Hike Day and in honor of day we talked about hitting the great outdoors. Turns out that both the Boss and Josh the Intern like to go out geocaching. For those not listening, geocaching is basically going on a treasure hunt using a map and GPS coordinates to find a log book hidden at certain coordinates. In the Anchorage area alone there are over than 1,400 geocaching hidden. To get started we suggest Geocaching.com. We also had Lyle, a student manager from the UAA Student Union, visit us to talk about the UAA Gear Room. UAA Faculty, staff and students are all eligible to rent equipment at VERY reasonably prices rates. With winter falling over the city, be sure to visit them to get your skates. skis or snowboard today. That’s it for today. Think I’ll go take a hike.