• Integrating Technology to Support and Maintain Glycemic Control in People With Diabetes

      Randall, Adam (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2016-08-01)
      Type II diabetes is a chronic disease state that leads to increased morbidity and mortality and impacts the lives of millions of Americans. This quality improvement project explored the use of a free smartphone application, Glucose Buddy, in aiding people with Type II diabetes to achieve and maintain glycemic control. The project was conducted through the involvement of patients at the Creekside Family Health Clinic in Ketchikan, Alaska over a three month time period. Pre-intervention hemoglobin A1c (HA1c) was compared with post-intervention HA1c. The project, due to the small sample size and high withdraw rate, was not statistically significant. However, there was clinical significance as it showed a decrease in HA1c levels in 60% of the participants.