• Developing a process for International Articulation Agreements in UAA

      Baye, Douglas (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2018-12-01)
      Institutions of higher education find themselves in the forefront of addressing the challenges of college affordability, access and completion. Articulation agreement is an important, cost-effective tool to help students transfer credits successfully and also a marketing vehicle to aid institutions in recruiting students. The UAA is interested in progressively increasing the number of international students through articulation agreements with foreign higher education institutions, however there is no documented process in place. Through a survey, interviews and literature review, the project carries out a research on the articulation agreements process in use in UAA and at various US institutions, gain insights into problems of creating agreements in UAA, identifies stakeholders and gathers requirements for an international articulation agreement process for UAA. Findings indicate that there is no clearly defined process. To address this, an international articulation agreement process is developed using project management techniques and principles. Project management tools are also recommended for use in the process. The project also highlights best practices in international articulation agreements and develops a ranking tool for evaluating international articulation agreement processes in use at various US institutions.