• The Use of Citations in Lieu of Arrest in Misdemeanor Citations

      Ring, Peter Smith (Criminal Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1977-12)
      Since 1973, law enforcement officials in Alaska had statutory authority under Alaska Statutes 12.25.180 et. seq. to issue citations in lieu of physical arrest and booking in misdemeanor cases, and by August 1975, Juneau Police Department began to use citations in lieu of misdemeanor arrests. This report summarizes the work of a Uniform Citation Task Force, comprising representatives of the Alaska Court System, Alaska State Troopers, Anchorage District Attorney's Office, and the Anchorage Police Department, with the Criminal Justice Center at University of Alaska providing coordination and conducting research to develop guidelines for implementation of a uniform citation program within interested Alaska criminal justice agencies. A.S. 12.25.180 et. seq. and practices of the Juneau Police Department, New York City, and the State of California were used as jumping-off points in the Task Force's deliberations on (1) the place where citations could be issued, (2) the criteria that law enforcement officers should consider in reaching a decision whether or not to issue a citation in lieu of physical arrest and booking, and (3) the form of the citation to be used. Suggested policies, suggested training format, and agency recommendations for which misdemeanor offenses citations may be issued are also provided.