• Economic Optimization of Fiber Optic Network Design in Anchorage

      Kintner, Jasen (University of Alaska Anchorage, 2016-05-01)
      The wireline telecommunications industry is currently involved in an evolution. Growing bandwidth demands are putting pressure on the capabilities of outdated copper based networks. These demands are being meet by replacing these copper based networks with fiber optic networks. Unfortunately, telecommunications decision makers are tasked with figuring out how best to deploy these networks with little ability to plan, organize, lead, or control these large projects. This project introduces a novel approach to designing fiber optic access networks. By leveraging well known clustering and routing techniques to produce sound network design, decision makers will better understand how to divide service areas, where to place fiber, and how much fiber should be placed. Combining this output with other typical measures of costs and revenue, the decision maker will also be able to focus on the business areas that will provide the best outcome when undertaking this transformational evolution of physical networks.