• ISER Review 2000 - 2002

      Leask, Linda (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska., 2002)
      This report provides summary information from selected research conducted by the Institute of Social and Economic Research between 2000 and 2002. This edition includes challenges to Alaska's salmon fishery, The launch of an online collection of materials on Alaska Native culture, language, and history (Alaskool.org), the economic impact of Anchorage's International Airport, land ownership in Alaska, the contribution of tourism to Alaska's economy, and many more!
    • Low Cost, Reliable Power: How Does Anchorage Compare?

      Colt, Steve (2005)
      Costs of doing business in Alaska remain generally high, but the low cost and reliability of electric power in Anchorage has been a bright spot on the economic landscape—thanks largely to abundant supplies of natural gas from Cook Inlet and to creation of a unified power grid for the railbelt. This research summary presents data on the changing cost and reliability of electric power from Municipal Light and Power (ML&P)—one of Anchorage’s two electric utilities—from 1960 through 2004. It concludes with a brief discussion of the outlook for the utility, given rising natural gas prices.