• Policing the Arctic: The North Slope of Alaska

      Angell, John E.; Trostle, Lawrence C. (Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1993-10)
      Geographic size and lack of roads, among other factors, contribute to unique difficulties in providing effective law enforcement and public safety services to residents of the North Slope Borough of Alaska. Despite comprehensive plans laid in the mid-1970s, the North Slope Borough has not been successful in implementing a broad, multicultural community public safety organizational design. The more traditional professional law enforcement agency which has evolved is perceived by some people as having community and employee relations problems. This paper provides a brief history of law enforcement on the North Slope and presents selected data from a 1993 survey of employees of the North Slope Borough Department of Public Safety (NSBDPS). The data support a hypothesis that indigenous personnel with strong roots in a minority community will be more committed to the community police organization than would be employees without such roots.
    • Potentially Discriminatory Criminal Justice Agency Policies

      Angell, John E. (Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1980-11)
      This report describes potential sources of discrimination in the Alaska criminal justice system related to agency policies and procedures. The study relied on policy and procedural manuals and other written materials describing operational practices and organizational and management information about criminal justice operations. The report identifies policy areas in law enforcement, the legal and judicial system , corrections, and systemwide which provide the highest potential for discrimination on the basis of race, sex, economic condition, or other characteristics.
    • Rural Alaska Corrections Plan (A Summary)

      Angell, John E. (Criminal Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1980-02-12)
      Efforts to improve correctional services in the rural, predominantly Native communities of Alaska have been going on since before statehood. Complete implementation of plans developed by the Alaska Criminal Justice Planning Agency during the 1970s have been hampered by a number of factors: (1) the scope of the planning has tended to be confined to correctional facilities; (2) the problems faced by corrections in Alaska are complicated by diversity of communities served; (3) financial requirements have exceeded available resources; (4) the authority and responsibility for achieving the plans' objectives were unclear. This document offers proposals for a rural corrections plan which offers a comprehensive, systemic — rather than purely correctional — approach for improving public safety and corrections in rural Alaska. It describes the existing situation, philosophy, coordination and planning, organizational proposals, financing, and implementation.
    • A Study of the North Slope Department of Public Safety: A Technical Assistance Report (Draft)

      Angell, John E. (Criminal Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1977-12)
      The North Slope Borough Department of Public Safety (NSBDPS) was created effective July 1, 1976, with the City of Barrow and other villages in North Slope Borough transferring their police authority and jail services to the borough. While making progress toward improving public safety in the North Slope Borough over the succeeding year, NSBDPS in September 1977 sought technical assistance from the Alaska Criminal Justice Planning Agency (CJPA) in the areas of organization and management. This report, prepared under contract with CJPA, presents a background history, findings, and recommendations on goals and objective, organizational structure, and the personnel and career system for NSBDPS.