• Is There a Place for Cursive Handwriting in the Elementary Classroom? A Meta-Synthesis

      Lennon, Holly (University of Alaska Southeast, 2013)
      Everyone will agree that some sort of handwriting is a necessary skill for every person to obtain. People use some form of writing as a way to communicate their thoughts to others. The style of handwriting a person uses is most often based on what they learned in primary and secondary school so what is taught is very important. Throughout the decades the style of handwriting taught in schools has changed in order to reflect the needs of society. Today in the United States every child starts school learning manuscript , but there is no consistency as to if cursive or the use of a keyboard is introduced. This meta-synthesis of the literature on handwriting explores whether or not cursive handwriting and/ or the use of a keyboard should be taught to elementary students as well how fluent, accurate and neat each style is.