• Educational Technology: Benefits, Challenges and Effective Practices for Students Experiencing Learning Disabilities.

      Stout, Kristine (University of Alaska Southeast, 2016)
      This meta-synthesis examines the use of technology with special education students experiencing learning disabilities. The primary areas of examination are benefits, challenges and effective practices. During the review of the literature there were nine themes that were evident amongst the 39 articles. These themes related to the benefits, challenges and effective practices for use of technology with students experiencing learning disabilities. The emerging themes that are identified as being benefits to students and teachers who use technology are motivation and interest, accommodation potential, and ease of use. Challenges that came up as emerging themes are training, matching technology to student need, generalization, and technical issues. The effective practices that emerged most prominently were student data driving decision making and evidence or research based practices.
    • The Use of Technology to Teach Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Meta-Synthesis

      Boitnott, V. Joy (University of Alaska Southeast, 2012-06-11)
      This meta-synthesis of empirical and non-empirical literature reviewed 43 journal articles that evaluated the availability and use of technology to educate and socialize learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Aspersers Disorder. Students with these disorders cannot be defined or categorized each individual is unique and elegant; challenging caregiver's and educator's creativity to teach and guide them toward a quality of life they would not find on their own. There are tools and research to support unique education on many levels of learning from academics to socialization. The literature indicates that while there is a wealth of technology available and new technology is constantly being developed cost can not only prohibit production it can lessen the quality. What gets into the classroom tool box is determined by the tenacity of the educator.