• The archaeology of human- dog relations in Northwest Alaska

      Hill, Erica (Routledge, 2018)
      Some 1500 years ago, on a gravel spit extending into the Chukchi Sea, people living at the site of Ipiutak buried several members of their community.
    • Federal Influences and Intergovernmental Relations: Constraints, Conflicts, and Benefits

      Thomas, Clive S.; Boyer, Michael L. (University of Alaska Press, 2016)
    • Let’s begin at the end: How a campus bookstore closure set the wheels in motion for a hybrid OER project

      Lamb, Jonas (University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing Services, 2018-07-25)
      This chapter discusses the efforts and lessons learned from a grassroots, affordable content initiative that took shape following the closure of the brick and mortar campus bookstore. The UAS Alt-Textbook Project can serve as a model for how campus affordable content initiatives can be put in motion with minimal funding by utilizing existing campus resources, the expertise and advocacy of key faculty and administrative champions. Efforts at UAS have impacted faculty teaching methodologies, contributed to significant student savings and provided a platform for open education advocates on campus. The chapter closes by discussing next steps required to formalize, mobilize and better measure the impacts of the project.
    • Raven’s Work in Tlingit Ethno-geography

      Thornton, Thomas F.; Deur, Douglas; Adams, Bert (University of Hawaii Press, 2019-01-01)
    • Sexuality: Ancient Andean South America

      Hill, Erica (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2015)
    • Staff Engagement for Cohesion

      Ward, Jennifer; Wilkes, Bethany (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2016)
      This chapter in a book on small and rural libraries looks at issues around why staff engagement is a concern. We discuss the barriers to staff engagement and the role professional development plays in lowering the barriers. We look at events programming and the library's impact on other campus departments. Concludes with advice to other small academic libraries on developing a staff engagement plan.
    • The State Courts and Alaska Politics: Independence, Public Accountability, and Political Influence

      Boyer, Michael L. (University of Alaska Press, 2016)
      From the chapter introduction: "How does the Alaska political and governmental process deal with the tension between the need for judicial independence, public accountability, and the court system’s role in politics and public policy making? The following two sections explore the influences that have shaped the Alaska court system and its organization. The next section explains the devices that work to promote independence and impartiality. Then we explore in more detail six aspects of the role of the courts in Alaska politics and policy making.