Haa léelk'w hás ji.eetí, our grandparents' art: a study of master Tlingit artists, 1750-1989

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dc.description Thesis (Ph.D.) University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2018 en_US
dc.description.abstract This dissertation examines the lives and creations of twenty-three master Tlingit artists that practiced in Southeast Alaska between 1750 and 1989. Biographical examination of master Tlingit artists showcases how artists created sacred art objects, known as at.óow, which play a central role in the social and spiritual life of the Tlingit people. Historic Tlingit artists came from the aanyádi, the aristocratic class, and were tasked with the responsibility of not only creating sacred art, but also serving as community leaders and exemplifying Tlingit values throughout their lives. The study of Tlingit artists and their creations also sheds light on objects omitted by previous scholars, highlights the overlooked work of female artists, and challenges outdated approaches to the study of Northwest Coast Indian art. en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents Chapter 1: Introduction: The Importance of Studying Tlingit Artists. Chapter 2: Art with a Spirit: Tlingit At.óow -- The Tlingit People -- Tlingit At.óow -- Conclusion. Chapter 3: Writing with Thread: Tlingit Chilkat Weavers -- Overview and Context of Chilkat Weaving -- Raven Clan Weavers -- Clara Newman Benson (Deinkhul.át), Ghaanaxhteidí Clan -- Kháaxh'eidei.át, Ghaanaxhteidí Clan -- Mary Williams (Kháakaltín), Ghaanaxhteidí Clan -- Florence D. Shotridge (Khaatkwaaxhsnéi), Lukaaxh.ádi Clan -- Mary Ebbets Hunt (Aneis, Anislaga), Ghaanaxh.ádi Clan -- Elizabeth Goenett, L'uknaxh.ádi Clan -- Maggie Kadanaha (Khoonookh), L'uknaxh.ádi Clan -- Eagle Clan Weavers -- Saantaas', Kaagwaantaan Clan -- Mary Willard (Akhlé), Kaagwaantaan Clan -- Jennie Paddy Warren (Khaa.ít), Kaagwaantaan Clan -- Alice Lee (Sheeditéex'), Kaagwaantaan Clan -- Annie Klaney (K'aanakéek Tláa), Kaagwaantaan Clan -- Jennie Thlunaut (Shax'saani Kéek'), Kaagwaantaan Clan -- Conclusion. Chapter 4: Shapes and Lines with Meaning: Tlingit Carvers and Painters -- Introduction and Overview -- Context for Understanding Tlingit Carvers and Painters -- Eagle Clan Carvers and Painters -- Naakushtáa, Dakhl'aweidí Clan -- Daniel Katzeek (Kéet Eesháank'í), Dakhl'aweidí Clan -- Augustus Bean (Kh'ałyaan Éesh, Keitxút'ch), Kaagwaantaan Clan -- Daayakoogéit, Chookaneidí Clan -- Kux'laa, Chookaneidí Clan -- William James Ukas (Yeeka.aas), Naanyaa.aayí Clan -- Raven Clan Carvers and Painters -- Jim Jacobs (Yéilnaawú, Kíchxhaak), Khoosk'eidí Clan -- Ned James (Sdagwáan), L'uknaxh.ádi Clan -- Rudolph Walton (Kaawóotk', Aak'wtaatseen), Kiks.ádi Clan -- Dick Yéilnaawú (Yéilnaawú, Tleix'yaanagút), Deisheetaan Clan -- Conclusion. Chapter 5: Conclusion: True Human Beings; Artists that Empower and Stand as Leaders Tlingit Artists Today -- Selected Bibliography -- Appendices. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Tlingit artists en_US
dc.subject Tlingit art en_US
dc.subject Southeast Alaska en_US
dc.subject Tlingit textile fabrics en_US
dc.subject Tlingit wood-carving en_US
dc.subject Tlingit sculpture en_US
dc.title Haa léelk'w hás ji.eetí, our grandparents' art: a study of master Tlingit artists, 1750-1989 en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US phd en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of History en_US
dc.contributor.chair Heaton, John
dc.contributor.committee Jonaitis, Aldona
dc.contributor.committee Schneider, William
dc.contributor.committee Walz, Robin

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