• Alaska Justice Forum ; Vol. 11, No. 4 (Winter 1995)

      Longoria, Carrie D.; Bureau of Justice Statistics; Fenaughty, Andrea M.; Massey, Holly A.; Fisher, Dennis G. (Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1995-01-01)
      The Winter 1995 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum examines the implementation of Anchorage Police Department’s domestic violence policy, which treats domestic violence cases as criminal offenses and reflects consistent concern for victim safety. During 1993, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 38 men were executed in the U.S.; at year’s end, 34 states and the federal prison system held 2,716 prisoners under sentence of death, 5.3 percent more than at yearend 1992. As part of an national five-year study of drug users, AIDS, and HIV, researchers at the University of Alaska Anchorage have assembled data measuring the risk perceptions of individuals in Anchorage who are at some actual risk for contracting HIV — data which may have some implications for correctional systems.