• Alaska Justice Forum ; Vol. 4, No. 4 (Winter 1988)

      Bremson, Francis; Carns, Teresa White; Greenstein, Marla N.; Parker, Bill; Bureau of Justice Statistics (Justice Center, University of Alaska Anchorage, 1988-01)
      The Winter 1988 issue of the Alaska Justice Forum features articles on policy and procedural changes implemented by the Alaska Judicial Council since 1983 to improve Alaska's judicial selection and retention processes; findings from an Alaska Judicial Council research report on news cameras in Alaska courts; a summary of pending corrections bills in the Alaska Judicial Council; and data from eleven states, including Alaska, which report Offender-Based Transaction Statistics (OBTS), which tracks adult offenders from the point of entry into the criminal justice system through final disposition. January 1988 population figures for Alaska Department of Corrections facilities are presented.