• Alaska's Digital Archives metadata standards guide

      Schmuland, Arlene B. (2021-05-10)
      This document will lay out the requirements or suggestions for the content of each field that accompanies the items you’ll be adding to the Alaska’s Digital Archives. This should be used in tandem with the Adding Metadata tutorial which will explain the process of filling in the metadata fields.
    • Alaska's Digital Archives: Creating a record for an online object (i.e. URL)

      Schmuland, Arlene B. (2022-03-15)
      Instructions on how to add an online object (i.e. URL) as an item within the Alaska's Digital Archives site.
    • Digital Access and Preservation Policy

      Denison, Veronica; Higgins, Gwen (Archives and Special Collections, UAA/APU Consortium Library, 2020-01-14)
      The Digital Access and Preservation Policy is to provide guidance and authorization on the preservation of digital materials at the UAA/APU Archives and Special Collections. Digital materials at the UAA/APU Archives and Special Collections are in a variety of formats. The Archives has in its holdings digitized photographs, either for preservation purposes or reference, born digital content, digitized copies of audio, video, and film, as well as photographs taken of materials not usually kept within the collections, i.e. awards and plaques. The Digital Access and Preservation Policy (DAPP) will outline, in further detail, the different types of digital content within our holdings, how each should be treated, and how each should be saved.
    • Editing uploaded records in the Alaska's Digital Archives

      Schmuland, Arlene B. (2021-05-12)
      This tutorial describes how to edit metadata, files, and bands for records uploaded to the Alaska's Digital Archives.