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dc.identifier.citationUniversity Reporter, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsRegents And Humphrey To Decide Chancellor’s Fate By: Jim Kelly (2) Students Speak Out By: Unknown (2) Student Government Chastizes Lindauer By: Unknown (3) Ballot Results: ‘No Confidence in Lindauer’ By: Unknown (3) Child-Care On Campus: An Issue Whose Time Has Come By: Bonnie Wickes (4) The Jim Irany Story Director Blasts Stewart And Lindauer By: Julie Ross (5) Career Days Are There Jobs Available? By: Tom Barley (6) Alaska Percent Distribution of Major Occupational Groups By: Unknown (6) Job Symposium – A Synopsis By: Unknown (6) A Commentary Impressions Of The Job Symposium By: Hari Kaur (6) Estimate Employment and Projected Average Annual Openings 1977-1982 By: Occupation Anchorage Area (7) Industry Breakdown In Alaska By: Unknown (7) Good-Bye Chancellor By: Unknown (8) Fancy Paper By: Unknown (8) Docu-Funnies: The Cartoon Strip That’s Based On Real Life By: Unknown (8) SAUAA Gives Money To Clubs By: Elliot Poll (13) Activities Coordination Board for Students By: Unknown (13) Why Wagner Resigned By: Jim Wagner (13) Free Tickets By: unknown (13) The Worldwide Church of God in Anchorage: The Followers of Garner Ted Armstrong By: Jerry Shadwick (14) What is Christian Science Organization? By: Mark M. Williams (14) SAUAA Considers Campus Bank By: Unknown (14) BSU Retreat Scheduled By: Unknown (14) Hendrickson Homecoming Queen By: Peter Mazzie (15) The Complete Text of Todd Miner’s Speech By: Unknown (15) Miner Apology By: Todd Miner (15) Defend Eskimo Whaling! By: Dalee Sambo (16) The Difference By: Unknown (16) Rally Scheduled By: Unknown (16) RSVP: Experimental Education for Bush Students BY: Sharon A. Leon (17) Spring Registration Begins By: Unknown (17) Sea Wolves Opener Set For Nov. 25 By: Bob Rachal (18) Change in Grading Policy? By: Brooke Herforth (18) The Print Switchboard (19) Community Calendar (20)
dc.publisherUniversity of Alaska Anchorageen_US
dc.titleUniversity Reporter, Vol. 3, Issue 6.en_US

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