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dc.identifier.citationUniversity Reporter, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsRegents unveil their decentralization proposal By: Bradley Booth (1) Register early for fall classes By: Unknown (1) Faculty and students call for more local control By: Bob Madigan (2) Proposed University Structure By: Unknown (2) Rally fails for lack of ‘family’ By: Lloyd Joseph Jones (3) Athletic department shake-up By: Brooke Herforth (3) Students Speak Out By: Unknown (3) Everything you ever wanted to know about salaries But didn’t know where to look By: Unknown (4) Donations to UA Foundation total $489,000 By: Tom Bayley (4) ACC master plan nears completion By: Jim Kelly (5) Learning Resources Center suffers from cutbacks By: John Taylor Kent (5) Candidates campaign on campus By: Bradley Booth (6) Libertarians to present ‘practical politics’ workshop By: Unknown (6) Letters (7) Children in crisis: Child abuse in Alaska By: Jerry Shadwick (8) Child-care committee tours P.E. Facility By: Christine Kendrick (8) Newspaper office bombed By: Age Grefa (9) Machines win award By: Unknown (9) Canceled classes cancelled By: Clark Kent (9) Arabs to buy UAA By: Dustin Woodstein (9) Teachers refuse pay By: Booth Boothson (9) AMU sells out By: Robert Steinwood (9) Go University Go By: Unknown (10-11) A University Primer By: Reginald Redicuious (12) Let’s Talk Turkey About Oil Corporations and Alaska Taxes By: Unknown (12) Book Beat By: Unknown (13) Ain’t no hope without that dope Consumers Guide By: Age Grepa (13) College hall of Fame By: Unknown (13) Front pages we’d like to see (14) Vanity Speaks Out By: Unknown (15) Career Day – get a job! By: Unknown (15) Alaskan visits Cuba By: Tom Bayley (16) Manual aids minorities By: Unknown (16) Recycling made easy By: Unknown (17) Future teachers organize By: Unknown (17) Peace Corps on campus By: Unknown (17) Students lobby in Juneau By: Rob Mourant (17) Peace Corps/Vista By: Unknown (17) Singers to offer mixed bag By: Bonnie Harris (18) The great cultural cash-in By: Unknown (18) The Print Switchboard (19) Community Calendar (20)
dc.publisherUniversity of Alaska Anchorageen_US
dc.titleUniversity Reporter, Vol. 4, Issue 5.en_US

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