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dc.identifier.citationUniversity Reporter, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsEagle River jail is new college campus By: Bradley Booth (1) Newspaper wins award By: Unknown (1) Campus Center set to open in September By: John Kent (2) SNEA focuses on teachers’ problems By: Melissa Gwens (2) ‘Health food’ at the Cuddy? By: John Kent (2) Spotlight on Irany By: Bradley Booth (2) Whither Alaska? Land use will tell the tale By: Ron Reed (3) Cut-short campus capsules By: Unknown (3) Student government balance sheet for ’78 By: Unknown (3) Women’s Studies Committee co-sponsors conference By: Unknown (3) Editor leaves paper By: Christine Kendrick (4) Bookstory: A tragedy By: Dawn Carswell (4) A conversation about VD By: Helen Tucker (4) University administration top-heavy with white males By: Tom Bayley (5) UA Statewide Summary By: Unknown (5) Anchorage Community College By: Unknown (5) University of Alaska, Anchorage By: Unknown (5) Manifesto for an independent UAA student government By: Unknown (6) Shakespeare’s Corner: I Wonder By: Patti Laessig (6) What Makes an exam ‘good’? By: Paul Fuhs (7) Letters (7) For child-care center By: Unknown (7) Corrections (7) UA Board of Regents By: Unknown (8) Kito By: Jim Kelly (8) Mumaw By: Jim Kelly (8-9) Webber By: Jim Kelly (9) Rasmuson By: Jim Kelly (9) Anchorage to host Solar Energy Fair By: Jerry Shadwick (10) Here comes the sun By: Michael Crofoot (10) Sun Day Activities: May 5-6 By: Unknown (10) Kite Week lifts off May 13 By: Unknown (10) Where to find a summer job By: Christine Kendrick (11) Student Makes Good By: Jim Kelly (11) Big art is beautiful By: Melissa Owens (12) Mega-mural contest offers $200 prize By: Unknown (12) May Day Celebration By: Unknown (12) Goodbye Alma Mater BY; Bradley Booth (14) Coping with the spirit of adventure By: Jerry Shadwick (14) The Print Switchboard (15) The Alaska Spirit: Hickel For Governor (Insert in the University Reporter Newspaper) Campaign in high gear; Hickel blankets state By: Unknown (1) ‘We must fight- or lose our lands’ By: Unknown (1) Enthusiastic volunteers are going to win it! By: Unknown (1) ‘Administration in Juneau has failed’ By: Unknown (2) Editorial (2) Lounsbury Says Hammond Action is “Too Late” By: Unknown (2) ‘Can-do’ leadership can control inflation By: Unknown (2) ‘We must fight – or we’ll lose our Alaskan lands’ By: Unknown (3) ‘Sieberling Udall should run the race’ By: Unknown (3) Hickel can make government move and respond – Jackson By: Unknown (3) Where Wally Stand…’Have faith in people.’ By: Unknown (4-5) Concerned environmentalist calls for Hickel’s election By: Unknown (6) ‘D-2 lock-up threat to Native lands’ By: Unknown (6) ‘Kachemak buy-back money was misspent’ By: Unknown (6) Ketchikan campaign is in full swing; hickel is the ‘concensus candidate’ By: Unknown (6) Hickel opposes bowhead fee By: Unknown (6) Fun and ‘Almost Political’ Rally Slated For May 11. By: Unknown (6) Juneau poll favors Hickel for Governor By: Unknown (7) Kenai Peninsula office going strong By: Unknown (7) Bagron heads Cordova campaign By: Unknown (7) Headquarters for interior Alaska opens for business By: Unknown (7) Sitka committee organizes By: Unknown (7) Two open letters to Alaskans on how to help elect Wally Hickel Governor for Alaska By: Unknown (8)
dc.publisherUniversity of Alaska Anchorageen_US
dc.titleUniversity Reporter, Vol. 4, Issue 6.en_US

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