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dc.identifier.citationUniversity Reporter, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsSummer session depends on supplemental By: Jim Kelly (1) Child-care on campus still a question mark By: Christine Kendrick (1) SAUAA invalidates election By: Jerry Shadwick (1) Students Speak Out: By: Unknown (2) Regent to meet with students By: Unknown (3) Why Study rats? By: Unknown (3) Community colleges’ assembly to be formed? By: Tom Crockett (3) A Solution to the misery By: Brooke Herforth (4) Dittman poll shows ‘new’ Alaskans anti-growth By: Tom Bayley (4) Truths: By: Unknown (5) Myths: By: Unknown (5) The joy of masturbation By: Helen Tucker (5) Student lobbyists By: Unknown (5) Changing of the guard By: Jim Kelly (6) Political subversion of the university By: Stephen A. Norrell (6) Letters (7) Politicians’ Puzzle By: Bill Parker (7) Organization/Reorganization By: Unknown (8) UAA Roots By: Unknown (8) Objectives By: Unknown (8-9) Statement of Purpose By: Unknown (8-9) CAS Degrees present & planned By: Unknown (9) What about facilities? By: Unknown (9) Personal services you can use The essential telephone directory By: Unknown (10) Helpful resource people within the municipal government By: Unknown (10) A Primer on menstruation By: Hari Kaur (11) SAUAA sponsors gubernatorial debate By: Unknown (11) Coping with memory By: Jerry Shadwick (12) Regents policy manual approved By: Unknown (12) Inside the legislature By: Rep. Randy Phillips (13) Alyeska ski passes available By: Unknown (14) Supplemental stall blamed on central administration By: Tom Bayley (14) The Happy Cooker BY: Patrice Parker (14) The Print Switchboard (15) Community Calendar (16)
dc.publisherUniversity of Alaska Anchorageen_US
dc.titleUniversity Reporter, Volume 4, Issue 2.en_US

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