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dc.identifier.citationUniversity Reporter, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsA look inside UA’s money problems By: Bradley Booth (1) UA: An historical observation By: Sen. Pat Rodey (2) Reactions to Cowper’s plan for restructuring By: Unknown (2) Student Speak Out: By: Unknown (2) Candidates for governor speak out on the issues By: Bill Parker (3) What UAA can become; a view from the inside By: Marvin D. Loflin (4) Getting that degree: what’s it worth?: Student perspective By: Ron Reed, Faculty perspective By: Dr. Steven Haycox (5) Personality profile: Barbara Lyle Student gains credits outdoors with youth By: Christine Kenrick (6) Martin Luther King Jr. shot ten years ago By: Gleen Hewitt (6) The Learning Resources Center: a clean, well-lighted place By: John Taylor Kent (6) Why bond issues pass By: Tom Bayley (7) Cut-short campus capsules By: Lyla Richards (7) Student organizations on campus (7) The graduation blues By: Jim Kelly (8) Looking Beyond The Crisis By: Michael Crofoot (8) Letters (9) The Politics of Athletics By: Jim Kelly (10) Sea Wolves By: Unknown (11) In search of a label By: Helen Tucker (13) Coping with feelings and moods By: Jerry Shadwick (13) The Happy Cooker By: Patrice Parker (13) How to read a bill By: Unknown (14) First video conference hearings held By: John Taylor Kent (15) Would-be governors to be on campus By: Unknown (15) Babcock plans trip to South America By: Tom Crockett (16) Student – NEA Questionnaire By: Unknown (16) Irish celebrate March 17 By: Christine Kendrick (17) SAUAA plans another rally By: Unknown (17) “Woolf” removes civilization’s masks By: Christine Kenrick (18) ‘Eccentricities’ is good drama By: Dawn Carswell (18) Moving Co. north to Perform March 29 By: Unknown (18) The Print Switchboard (19) Community Calendar (20)en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Alaska Anchorageen_US
dc.titleUniversity Reporter, Vol. 4, Issue 4.en_US

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