• Agroborealis, Vol. 08, No. 1 (January 1976)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1976)
      Glowering Shrubs Used in Phenological Net / Lee D. Allen -- Vegetable Variety Trials: Research for the Commercial Grower -- Vegetable Processor or Home Gardener / D.H. Dinkel and Lura M. Ginzton -- Avoid Fertilizers With Low Phosphorus Content and Containing Nitric Phosphates / Winston M. Laughlin and Paul F. Martin -- Measuring Feed Quality By Proxy / A.L. Brundage -- Native Grass Seed Enters Commercial Production / Wm. W. Mitchell -- Early Planting Is Important To Alaskan Growers of Bluegrass And Red Fescue Seed / L.J. Klebesadel -- Photo-Plots Reveal Arctic Secrets / Jay D. McKendrick -- James V. Drew, New Director
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 09, No. 2 (July 1977)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1977)
      Introduction / Charles E. Logsdon -- Service and Supply -- Processing -- People -- Transportation -- Marketing -- Energy -- Business
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 10, No. 1 (January 1978)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1978)
      From The Director's Desk -- Agricultural Field Day at Aniak-A Big Success / Carol E. Lewis and Frank J. Wooding, David H. Hassinger -- Low-Cost, Year-Around Calf Housing / Gary L. Beardsley -- Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Natural and Agricultural Situations in Alaska / Leslie J. Klebesadel -- Some Research on Turfgrasses at Fairbanks / Stephen D. Sparrow, Jr. and Frank J. Wooding -- The pH of Bodenburg Silt Loam Soil as Related to Forest cover and Time Under Cultivation / Winston M. Laughlin -- Wild Rice Trials in Alaska / Gene H. Whiting, Frank J. Wooding, and Carol E. Lewis -- Rehabilitation of Bare Sites in Interior Alaska / Bonita J. Neiland -- Crisp Green Salad at Forty Below / Carol E. Lewis -- Potato Storage Management in Alaska / Curtis H. Dearborn -- Who Cares? / Arthur L. Brundage -- An Oilseed Crop Looks Promising for Alaska / Frank J. Wooding, Carol E. Lewis, and Stephen D. Sparrow, Jr. -- Publications List for 1977
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 11, No. 1 (January 1979)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1979)
      From The Director's Desk -- The Homer Beef Production Project-A Cooperative Effort in Applied Research / Jay D. McKendrick, Wm. W. Mitchell, and Fredric M. Husby -- Hay Quality Survey for the Homer Beef Production Project-1977 / Jay D. McKendrick -- Gains of Beef Calves during Winter-Feeding and Summer-Grazing Trials on the Lower Kenai Peninsula, Alaska / F.M. Husby -- Managing Native Bluejoint Reedgrass for Forage Production / Wm. W. Mitchell -- Cool Heads and Warm Feet / D.H. Dinkel, L.M. Ginzton, and P.J. Wagner -- The Rampart Agricultural Experiment Station, 1900-1925: A Look into the Past / Frank J. Wooding -- George T. Gasser: A Brief Biography / Sig Restad -- Iceland: Productive Northland / Wm. W. Mitchell -- Delta-Clearwater Lands Opened for Agricultural Use-2,000-Acre Clearing-Trials Project / Carol E. Lewis, Glen D. Franklin, and Donald M. Quarberg -- Delta Dust? Soil Management on Agricultural Land in Interior Alaska / Charles W. Knight, Carol E. Lewis, and James Stroh -- 'Summerred' Apple, A Delightful Addition to 'Chinese Golden Early' and 'Rescue' Eating Applies for Southcentral Alaska / Curtis H. Dearborn -- Asian Markets for Alaska's Agricultural Products / Wayne C. Thomas -- Woodland Nutrient Cycling-An Important Consideration in Renewable Resource Management / K. Van Cleve, M. Weber, L.A. Viereck, and C.T. Dyrness -- In Memoriam: Dr. Richard H. Washburn -- Publications List for 1978
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 12, No. 1 (January 1980)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1980)
      From the Director's Desk -- King Crab Meat-A Protein Supplement for Swine / F.M. Husby -- Buckwheat-A New Look at an Old Crop / F.J. Wooding -- Mine Reclamation in Portions of West Germany, the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics and Alaska / J.D. McKendrick -- Observations of a Grass Bug on Native Bluejoint Ranges / J.D. McKendrick and D.P. Bleicher -- Will Alaskan Farmers Sell the Development Rights to their Land? / Wm. G. Workman, E.L. Arobio and A.F. Gasbarro -- The Warble-Fly Problem in Alaskan Reindeer / R.H. Washburn, L.J. Klebesadel, J.S. Palmer, J.R. Luick, and D.P. Bleicher -- Does it Work? Barley, Potato and Bromegrass Yields and Bromegrass Chemical Composition Unchanged by Use of a Multipurpose Wetting Agent / W.M. Laughlin, G.S. Smith, and M.A. Peters -- Forest Regeneration of Upland Areas Following Logging in Interior Alaska / J.D. Fox -- Outdoor Recreation Research in Alaska-A Problem Analysis / A. Jubenville -- Using Phenology to Characterize Spring Seasons in Alaska / Wm. W. Mitchell -- Birdvetch-Forage Crop, Ground Cover, Ornamental, or Weed? / L.J. Klebesadel -- Staff Notes -- Publications List for 1979
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 13 (January 1981)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1981)
      From the Director's Desk -- A Changing Pattern In Small-grain Silage Mixtures in Alaska / A. L Brundage, R. L. Taylor, and V. L. Burton -- A B1ological Catalyst Leaves Bromegrass, Barley, and Wheat Yields and Bromegrass Composition Unchanged / W. M. Laugllhn, G. R. Smirh, and M, A. Peters -- Land Applicat1on of Sludge-''You Gotta Put it Somewhere" / R. A. Johnson, J. W. Winslade, and F. J. Wooding -- Marketing Alaska's Roses / C. A. Warren and C. E. Lewis -- Agriculture and Wlldlife: Are They Compatible in Alaska? / L. J. Klebesadel and S. H. Restad -- A Simple Structure for Plant Environment Enhancement / L. Allen -- Natural Revegetation cf Dredge Tailings at Fox, Alaska / K. W. Holmes -- Techniques for Continuous and Improved Vegetable Harvests. The Effect of Plant Spacing, Transplantinq and Direct Seeding / D. H. Dinkel, P. J. Wagner, and G. f. Matheke -- Optimum Herd Structure in Alaska Reindeer Herds / E. L. Arobio -- Plant Diseases: A Potential Threat to Delta Barley / J. H. McBeath -- Rust Diseases on White Spruce in Alaska / J. H. McBeath -- The Persistence of the Herbicides 2,4-D and Picloram in Alaskan Soils North of Latitude 60° / W. E. Burgoyne -- Responses of Arctic Tundra to Intensive Muskox Grazing / J.D. McKendrick -- Alaskan Developed Grass Varieties Coming into Use / Wm. W Mitchell -- Persistence and Movement of Agricultural Chemicals in Soils in the Delta-Clearwater Area / C. W Knight and C. E. Lewis -- Notes -- News and Comment: Delta Agricultural Project-Success or Failure? / R. Pollock -- Publications List for 1980
    • Agroborealis, Vol. 15 (January 1983)

      Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Alaska (University of Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, 1983)
      From the Director's Desk -- Conservation Tillage Research in Interior Alaska / Carol E. Lewis -- Soil Moisture and Temperature as Influenced by Fall and Spring Tillage Systems / Roger Boyer -- Planting and Fertilizing Options in Barley Production / Charles Knight -- Recreation Planning in the White Mountains National Recreation Area / Richard B. Tobin -- Limestone Landscapes of the White Mountains / Glenn Patrick Juday -- Valuing Outdoor Recreational Opportunities / William G. Workman -- Influence of a Complete Fertilizer on Soli pH and Ava1lable N03- N, P, and K in Kachemak Silt Loam / Winston M. Laughlin, Glenn R. Smith, and Mary A Peters -- The Computer Comes to Alaska Farming / Charles E. Logsdon -- Changes in Weed-Species Assemblage with Increasing Field Age / Jeffrey S. Conn and John A DeLapp -- Increased or Decreased Energy for Moose? / William B. Collins -- Undergraduate Degree Encompasses New Options in Forestry and Agriculture / Carla A. Kirts -- Spinach Creek Watershed / John D. Fox -- Tissue Culture / Heather McIntyre and Donald H. Dinkel -- The Effect of Feeding Whole-Grain Barley to Free-Ranging and Penned Reindeer / J.M. Blanchard, W.E. Hauer, and J.R. Luick -- Public Policy and the Future of Alaska's Reindeer Industry / Wayne C. Thomas and Edward L. Arobio -- Does Feeding Crab Meal to Dairy Cows Adversely Affect Milk Taste? / A.L. Brundage -- Notes -- Publications List for 1982