• Diets of juvenile flatfishes near Kodiak Island, Alaska

      Holladay, Brenda A. (2001-12)
      Flathead sole, Pacific halibut, rock sole, and yellowfin sole were found co-existing near Kodiak Island as juveniles (<200 mm) during late summer. Dietary differences were attributed to fish species, size, and depth-sediment characteristics of their habitat. Two to three size classes were assigned within each species. Across all habitats, significant differences in dietary composition, stomach fullness, and diet diversity were found between size classes of different flatfish species. Within a single depth-sediment habitat, flatfishes of different species and size classes ate similar prey. Seven of nine species size classes had similar prey composition across multiple habitats. Significant differences in dietary composition across habitats were detected only for small Pacific halibut and small rock sole. The juvenile flatfishes near Kodiak were opportunistic feeders, and appeared to select habitat based on parameters other than the presence of specific prey taxa.