• Microsatellite variation reveals similar population genetic structure for two species of rockfish (Sebastes borealis and Sebastes paucispinis) with different life histories

      Matala, Andrew Paul (2002-12)
      Rockfish belong to the speciose genus Sebastes (72 species described in the Northeast Pacific). Basic biological and life history information for many rockfish species is limited. Little is known about juvenile recruitment, and identification in early life stages is difficult because the larvae of congeners look similar and often occur in spatial and temporal association. Population genetic structure is an important element for characterization of species or populations, and may provide information on productivity and life history. Eight micro satellite loci were evaluated for variability in analyses of genetic structure for two species of rockfish: the deepwater shelf rockfish bocaccio (S. paucispinis) and the demersal shortraker rockfish (S. borealis) of the continental slope. Tests of homogeneity provided evidence of similar geographically based structure in both species, which is consistent with a neighbor model of gene flow. Structure inferred from this study provides information on the sizes of the basic units of productivity, which may aid in management and conservation efforts.