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dc.identifier.citationUnion of Students at UAA Northern Light newspaper, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsVeco purchases The Northern Light By: Unknown(1) Budget crisis resolved By: Northern Light Staff (1) Confidential records published By; Erika Bernhardt (1) Carrot becomes a potato By: Cuisinart (2) Buildings’ names to rotate on yearly basis By: Concrete Blonde (2) Pub to serve alcohol By: McArdlemlester (3) Sign files grievance with UAA By: PB Maxx (3) UAA News Brief (3) Celebrating our – administrators By: Unknown (4) Letters to the editor (4) Corrections (4) The Northern Light Scammer (6) Sculpture going to the birds By: Terry Dactyl (7) Registration mix-up great for students, costly for administration By: Atu Booth (7) Man wanted for levitating By: Wayne Campbell (7) Virus wipes out records By: Meg Uhbite (7) Classifieds (8) Student government comes together in song By: Ted Kennedy (9) Fadness hires PR firm to handle flock of fans By: Eleanor Rigby (9) Features Briefs (9) Campus radio station to change format By: Echo Breaux (10) Officer shows students how to cut corners By: Traci Lords (11) The Creased Critter Café: Road food deluxe By: Kay O. Pectate (11) Not just another pretty face By: John Deere (12-13) ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ reviewed By: Dambi bambino (14) Noteworthy By: Harry Crumb (16) ‘Eddie Reid’ depicts seedier side of karaoke By: Harry Crumb (16) Horoscope (17) Highlights (18) Larger Than Life By: David Gallagher (19) Off the mark By: Mark Parisi (19) Plesbes By: L.T. Horton (19) Single Slices By: Peter Kohlsaat (19) Over Hill Over Dale By: Dale Luther (19) Bent Offerings By: Don Addis (19) Rubes By: Leigh Rubin (19) Off The Deep End By: Unknown (19) Zippy By: Bill Griffith (19) Stoklos’ Big Top adventure still paying dividends By: Kathy Rigby (21) New ‘do keeps Morris on track at swim meet By: David A. Collins (22) Hickel and Mystrom scheme would bring an NHL team to Anchorage By: Sasha Wrckhzbckky (22) Squeaky Sports Center door blamed for woman’s deafness By: David A. Collins (22) New sport coming to UAA By: John Lee Hocker (23) Lakers superior but UAA still wins By: David A. Collins (24) ‘The Shed’ joins UAA By: David A. Collins (24) UAA to join Div. I By: A. David Collins (24)en_US
dc.publisherUnion of Students, University of Alaska Anchorageen_US
dc.titleNorthern Light, volume 4, number 21en_US

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