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dc.identifier.citationUAA. Bookstore special events records, Archives and Special Collections, Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsChancellor slates budget ‘savings options’ By: Kimberly Curtis (1) Campus police cope with crises on the job By: R. Whitmer (1) Riding along the UAA beat with Sgt. Pittman By: R. Whitmer (1) Speech and debate team members take top spots By: Laura Mitchell (1) Be sure to vote Nov 8th By: Unknown (2) Letters to the editor (2) Suggestion is scary By: Kimberly Curtis (2) Irresponsible ‘Christians’ promote a divisive political agenda By: Jonathan Coppedge-Henley (3) Activist Medea Benjamin to speak about Mexico By: Unknown (4) Information sought in Craig case By: Bonnie Craig (4) Campus Scanner (6) Homecoming 1994 begins a new UAA tradition By: Krista Pouney (9) Thirsty Monk, Anchorage Unplugged await alternative music fans By: Michael Treacy (9) A phone etiquette tip for the clueless: identify yourself By: Ryan Warren (9) Spelling Haagen-Dazs By: Unknown (9) Backstage with Ellen Cleghorne By: The Northern Light Staff (10) Foraging student offers gourmand tips on collecting free meals on campus By: Michael Kaplan (11) Dressing up for a haunted Halloween weekend of fun By: Ryan Warren (12-13) P.S. Mueller By: Mueller (14) Mister Boffo By: Joe Marin (14) Larger Than Life By: David Gallagher (14) Off the mark By: Mark Parisi (14) Jim’s Journal By: Jim (14) College by: Dan Killeen (14) Pathetic Geek Stories By: Unknown (14) Eduardo Anadon By: Unknown (14) Lehman By: Andrew Lehman (14) Plebes By: T. Eric Meyew (15) Dave By: David Miller (15) The Cultural Idiocy Quiz (15) Answers to Cultural Idiocy Quiz (15) Crossword (15) Answers to Crossword (15) Your Real Horoscope By: Michey Leupke (15) Norwegian King Harald V impresses Argonaut journalist By: Susan Braund (16) She Said, He Said (16) Fetal alcohol syndrome is completely preventable By: Daryl A. Young (17) Feature Bits (17) Top Ten the EDGE KRUA 88.1 FM alternative music (18) Ween music bites-but cover deserves a Grammy By: T.C. Ottinger (18) Saying Good-bye to Hollywood legends By: Andrew Israel (18) Campus Calendar (18) Classified (19) Age changes cold weather viewpoint By: Scott Gere (21) Schill saves team from Minnesota annihilation By: Sasha Prewitt (21) Martial arts and aerobics shows demonstrate skills and forms By: Jackye Stephens (22) Carrs new long-range Shootout sponsor By: Scott Gere (23) Common sense can prevent back country rescues By: Corey E. Aist (24) UAA Seawolves split with Nanooks over weekend By: Lance Graveley (24)en_US
dc.publisherUnion of Students, University of Alaska Anchorageen_US
dc.titleNorthern Light, volume 14, number 8en_US

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