• Teens and social networking: responsible practices within the school setting

      Goudreau, Kate I. (2016)
      As technology advances and Internet connectedness becomes more omnipresent, chances for misuse of the Internet and social media sites dramatically increases. Teenagers turn to the Internet for socializing, information gathering, school work, and entertainment. The free information sharing platform presents challenges for parents as they struggle to instill responsible Internet use in their children while not fully understanding the constantly changing world of online social interaction and peer relationship building. Schools and administration continue to see the relationship of Internet use on both a positive and negative level, concerned with promoting both a safe and secure education community but lacking in the ability to police and enforce online social lives that affect a learning environment. This project strives to promote the usefulness of a safe Internet practices point o f contact in a rural high school by detailing the pros and cons of teenage Internet use. The paper is supplemented by a PowerPoint presentation and pamphlet with resources for easy access by both schools and parents.