• Sense of place in military children's new community and school environment

      Imhoff, Myriam C.; Green, Carie; Vinlove, Amy; Kardash, Diane (2017-12)
      Relocation, or permanent change of station (PCS) is one of the constants of the military lifestyle. Thus, every two to three years, dependent children of enlisted military are uprooted from a place and forced to call a new place home. The goal of this research project is to provide a resource for teachers who have transient military children in their classroom and help them develop a sense of place in their new community and school environment. Scholarly literature on geographic mobility, stress and coping, education, sense of place, and place attachment as well as existing educational resources for military families inform the scope of this curriculum project. Research reports that having deployed parents as well as relocating have a negative impact on military adolescents' education and social life. However, the resources given for military parents or for teachers getting new military students are limited or difficult to find. This written project, accompanied by a web-based resource, conglomerates ideas from several sources as well as new ideas to help teachers ease military children's transition. Lessons focus on reading, writing, social studies, and art. Key classroom components are also suggested; these include Google annotated map, bulletin board or map in the classroom, bulletin board with photos of the environment/community, guest book for the classroom, and getting to know each other activity. Additionally, curriculum is aligned with Alaska State standards for third through fifth grade.