• Addressing the needs of adolescents: an exploration of treatment interventions for anxiety disorders

      Lunceford, Carolyn; Renes, Susan L.; Simpson, Joni A.; Gifford, Valerie M. (2016)
      This project explores various cognitive behavioral techniques that may be used for the treatment of anxiety disorders in adolescents. Many adolescents experience anxiety disorders and providing treatment can be challenging. Mindfulness, relaxation, exposure, and music have all been shown to be useful techniques. Short-term treatment, incentives, and parental involvement were also found to be useful. The value of friendships, level of motivation, and drive towards independence should be taken into consideration when working with adolescents. This project includes a curriculum intended for small groups of adolescents with the goal of improving anxiety symptoms. The curriculum will assist counselors in both in-patient and out-patient settings as well as provide resources for middle and high school counselors.